Fem Eder delivers its first cubing

The structure allows you to set in the roof of the car and all its components as if it was made in the body itself.

In FEM EDER we are committed to the new challenges, to improve and evolve in order to offer our customers the best solutions. In this long distance race we are reaching important goals. One of them has been the realization and delivery to the customer of the first cubing, a task not without a certain complexity.

The structure allows the assembly of the vehicle roof and all its components thanks to a perfect simulation of reality, as if it was the body itself of the car and as if it was in its natural position.

FEM EDER we have over 30 years experience in manufacturing special molds and tools for mainly the automotive sector, although we are also present in other sectors (aeronautics, rail and industrial machine). We offer the best solutions in molds, cutting tools and punching dies and checking fixtures in all kinds of materials. Know us better by clicking here!