Fem Eder delivers its first cubing

The structure allows you to set in the roof of the car and all its components as if it was made in the body itself.

In FEM EDER we are committed to the new challenges, to improve and evolve in order to offer our customers the best solutions. In this long distance race we are reaching important goals. One of them has been the realization and delivery to the customer of the first cubing, a task not without a certain complexity.

The structure allows the assembly of the vehicle roof and all its components thanks to a perfect simulation of reality, as if it was the body itself of the car and as if it was in its natural position.

FEM EDER we have over 30 years experience in manufacturing special molds and tools for mainly the automotive sector, although we are also present in other sectors (aeronautics, rail and industrial machine). We offer the best solutions in molds, cutting tools and punching dies and checking fixtures in all kinds of materials. Know us better by clicking here!

Fem Eder takes part actively in Getting Contacts in La Rioja

The meeting served to facilitate cooperation between companies and promote possible joint projects.

It is said that a business participation in the meeting of business development Getting Contacts is equivalent to five working days. FEM EDER went with this willingness to working day, which was held the last 26 March in Logroño (La Rioja). The truth is that it was taken advantage the maximum. Our company has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of special molds and tools mainly to the automotive sector.

The meeting in La Rioja served, above all, to facilitate cooperation between companies. The aim was that the participants enlarged our network of contacts in a simple way and rewarding (customers, suppliers, institutions, new partners …). Also, encourage the possible implementation of joint projects.

Each participant kept between 10 and 15 interviews with companies related to our sector. They were meetings of ‘quality’, as we knew in advance who were going to talk, which allowed us to prepare the meetings and get the most performance.

Fem Eder will repeat its presence in the fair of Hannover

We will go for the second year in a row by the hand of the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao.

It is the highest industry event in the world and we could not miss it. For the second year in a row, and in company with the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao, FEM EDER will attend the Fair of Hannover in Germany (from 13 to 17 of April), an event which annually attracts more than 200,000 visitors around one hundred countries.

For this edition, the organization has announced the placement of 6,500 exhibitors approximately for companies around the world. The best professionals in sectors will be there, such as machining, forging, gear, welding, sheet metal, assembly, metal structures, rolled, cast, machinery tailor treatments and coatings, among others.

FEM EDER is specialized in the design and manufacturing of molds and special tools designed especially for the automotive sector. We build both manufacturing and testing tools and autonomous machines covering a wide range of materials, technologies and sizes. Hannover will be undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to show us to the world and learn in search of improvements.

This fair (German: Hannover Messe) will refuge the best companies in the world, so there new technological solutions and the latest industrial software will may be found.

  • Date: from 13 to 17 of April.
  • Venue: Fairgrounds facilities Messe AG Hannover.

Fem Eder develops a new mold to form roofs

We design and build manufacturing tools, check and autonomous machines in a wide range of materials and sizes.

One of the tools, which we develop are moulds. Indeed, we are now in full development of a new forming mould for the manufacturing of roof liner of the automobile, which introduces cutting solar window into the mold itself. The particular feature of this process is that apart from the bonding of the window frame in the same mold, it is performed jointly cutting the roof substrate and leftover part of the plastic frame.

Our desire is excellence; hence we are very aware of the emergence of new technologies. Do not stop improving to provide the best results.



EDER develops and manufactures new tools for improving manufacturing processes of certain automotive lining. Specifically during 2014 it has delivered a set of gauges, which reduces the manufacturing process of the headliner of a car from 4 to 2 phases with the improvement obtained in cycle, cost of gauges associated with the process, lay-out, etc. Currently our client is processing a piece of headliner of a high-end car with optimum results.

Fem Eder renews its image with an informal, accessible website

The company located in the Valley of Trápaga designs and manufactures special moulds and tools for different sectors.


Loyal to its commitment towards quality, Fem Eder has enhanced its image with a new website. With more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of special moulds and tools primarily for the automotive sector, this company, located in the Valley of Trápaga, has focused on two main areas: improving its products and its customer relations. In order to ensure a closer bond with our clients, we have created a new website, which is clearer and more accessible.

The new website provides visitors with a straightforward, virtual view of the company’s facilities, enabling them to discover its modern high-speed machining equipment, the sectors in which its business is focused, the solutions offered for each one and several references proving the professionalism and quality of its work. Likewise, internet users are provided with a multimedia section containing images and videos on the company’s activity.

The new website has primarily been created to further improve communications between the company and its clients, which has been a cornerstone of Fem Eder’s business since it was founded in 1954. Thanks to the new website design, visitors can easily consult any query or request a personalised quotation, receiving a swift, no-obligation reply.

Fem Eder employs skilled workers who are up to date on the latest technologies and fully devoted to this excellent customer service. The aim is to detect requirements and to meet them as fully as possible. The development projects shared with clients are standardised in the company. In this manner, the parameters to which to adhere are clear: professionalism and absolute confidentiality and security in the exchange of information.

The website also features the company’s Technical Support Service (TSS), which is formed by independent teams ready to provide on-site solutions to problems, thus reducing production downtimes. Clients can call at any time of the day.

In short, the website represents a leap in the company’s quality, yet another in its long history. In 1999, it was certified in quality management in line with the Spanish Standard UNE-EN ISO 9 0 01:200. In 2006, it was awarded the Premie Diploma that guarantees a continuous improvement process in line with the EFQM model based on which we obtained the quality commitment diploma in 2007.

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